Black Sun

Runelord Sorshen

The adventurers climbed on top of the massive crystal gargoyles, Leon choosing to fly himself. Each took to the sky and were quickly on their way; the mists concealing the city dissipating with their departure, exposing it to the outside world. The trip took about three days in the air, Leon resting multiple times on the back of a gargoyle when his strength failed him during the flight. As they approached the city of Korvosa, a contingent of griffon riders approached them, commanding them to ground. The heroes complied and touched down about a mile from the gates of the city, the gargoyles descending much faster than they should of in annoyance at being forced from landing upon the huge tower in the city.

The leader of the griffon riders introduced himself as Captain Rothchild and questioned the party about their purpose for visiting the city and the strange beasts they rode upon. The gargoyles, already annoyed, were greatly offended at being called “beasts” and left, frightening the griffins before taking off into the northern sky. After learning that the adventurers returned from the pirate city of Riddleport, his entire demeanor changed and excitement leapt into his voice. He asked about an old friend that he used to know in the city and was saddened to hear that many had passed away, but kept up hope that his friend had survived despite what he learned. Then the captain’s eyes fell on Archana and whatever he had been thinking went up in a puff of smoke. He stumbled through the rest of his questioning, but came to senses when he realized that they needed to get them to the council as soon as possible to report the return of Riddleport and had the adventurers flown to the castle, offering his own griffon to Archana. When they arrived at the council, Captain Rothchild asked Archana if he could see her again and gave her where he could be found before they left. Greshnak felt his presence would be best suited not in the castle and found his way to the nearest bar, a good brawl sounding great after such a long time away.

Two guards stood at the entrance into Castle Korvosa, but let the adventurers pass inside without too many questions, two other guards accompanying them once inside. The party made their way to the council chambers to find two more men standing guard, these ones not as friendly. The group demanded entry into the council chambers, but the guards refused, even after being called on their bluff and the other guards joining the adventurers side. As the situation turned to violence and weapons were drawn, the chamber doors were thrown open and Lord Carson, the Magistrate of Tourism, invited the group in, excusing the behavior of the guards. They did not expect only two of the council to be present, but nonetheless Lord Carson invited them to sit and share the news of Riddleport. The group told their story, leaving a few parts out that would be best to not share, but got the feeling that the council member knew more than he was letting on. The trio of adventurers caught onto Raven’s silence and noticed the sparks of negative energy each time her fingers struck the table. Narciso also felt something watching the group from atop the Crimson Throne. Lord Carson sensed the uneasiness building in the room and tried his best to keep the group comfortable, but decided that it would be best to let them go to their rooms for the night and have time to collect their thoughts after the long trip.

Once shown the rooms they would be staying in for the night, the group came together to discuss what they each felt and saw in the throne room and came to the conclusion that something foul was happening. They readied themselves for bed and before too long, a lone figure slipped its way into each of their rooms. Leon had elected to stay up to ready a manual of the planes he had picked up a copy of and when the assassin entered his room, he looked up and his eyes flared with holy light, burning twin marks deep into the creature’s skin, marking it weak to the Leon’s divine power and as a vampire. Archana and Narciso has decided to rest while they waited, but were still prepared when attacked. Archana attempted to seduce the approaching assassin, posing herself and revealing just enough to get the man’s attention on something other than death. The man approached Archana, blades ready to stab and body ready to pounce, when Narciso’s foot came from the shadows to smash into his face, throwing him back against the wall. Narciso grabbed the man by the neck and snapped it only to find out that this was no ordinary man, his broken neck doing nothing to impede his movements. The vampire slammed his skull against Narciso to escape the grapple and Narciso felt his life force drain away, his grasp of the shadows fading. Archana lunged at the creature, tearing into him with her blades. The vampire that had gone to Narciso’s room finally showed, furious that he had been duped and as he came into the room, he locked gaze with Archana, who found her will to fight these creatures gone, replaced by a desire to help them kill her former allies. In Leon’s room, a beam of light erupted from Leon’s eyes again, the vampire turning to dust by his gaze. He quickly came to the aid of his allies, the undead menaces kind of his expertise in how to destroy. Calling upon his powers of the sun and divine light, he aided his allies. Archana broke her domination and was able to join back in against the final remaining vampire and they quickly ended it’s unnatural existence.

Guards came rushing shortly after the fighting ended and were quick to check for any other vampiric assassins and questioned the party about what happened. Learning that the vampires had snuck into the rooms, they quickly went to warn other guests of the castle of the attack. The adventurers dressed and equipped themselves and went to the throne room to warn whoever was there of what had happened. They surprised and were surprised by who was there; a tall woman with midnight black hair stood next to Raven, her words themselves insinuating themselves into your mind and seducing you to come closer. Her eyes cast a blue glow and dozens of ioun stones were grafted into the skin on her shoulders. The woman identified herself as Runelord Sorshen and the entire party felt a wave of compulsion fall over them, but each managed to shake the compulsion and begin to back away. Leon activated the noqual cube of force to protect the party from magic and they began to back their way out of the castle. Sorshen cast a few spells at the party, but the spells fizzled at the barrier of the cube and she stopped, commanding Raven and Lord Carson to chase after the party instead. Lord Carson was the first to reach the party and easily crossed the barrier to attempt to slam into Narciso. As he attempted to attack however, Raven’s fist found its way against his skull and the two crashed into the left wall of the hallway, destroying the wall and knocking Lord Carson out. Narciso grabbed Raven and began to run, but Runelord Sorshen yelled for Raven to return and Raven began to struggle against Narciso’s grip until she was finally released and ran back to the Runelord’s side. Lord Carson limped back as well, wounded by being bashed through a wall. Guards could be heard coming from all sides and the party quickly made their escape, deactivating the cube of force as soon as they were out of sight and vanishing into the night. Leon soared into the air, but was soon grounded by the intense storm outside where he was reunited with Narciso who had been following his shadow on the ground. The two were passed by a group of Hellknights, one of which wore a strange sightless mask. The sightless hellknight stopped at Leon and Narciso and questioned their reason for being out at such a late hour, but deemed their answers truthful and stopped harassing them to continue to Castle Korvosa to get shelter for the night from the storm. Narciso and Leon made their way to the Temple of Sarenrae, figuring they would be safe there. They were greeted by a priestess and donated 100g each before asking for shelter. Such an offering greatly impressed the priestess and she offered to personally send out a call for shelter for the night and even gave blankets and cleared a room in the back for them to stay warm in until someone came for them. The next few hours passed by slowly, but the two began to finally drift to sleep.

While Leon and Narciso found their way to the temple, Archana set her plan into action to finally fulfill her contract. Seeing that Lord Carson had been augmented during the party’s escape from Castle Korvosa, she knew that she had to be careful in her proceedings. She stealthed her way to his manor, stuffing a would-be mugger into her bag of holding as she made it through the streets. She snuck into the Lord’s manor once she found it and found Lord Carson already home and upstairs with a woman that must have been his wife. Archana took a breath and then used her cloak to become ethereal. She soundlessly slipped through the walls and watched a fight break out between Lord Carson and his wife, the wife losing and choked to unconsciousness. Archana then caused a ruckus downstairs to cause Lord Carson to head down to check it out. While he was downstairs, Archana slipped a necklace of adaptation around Lady Carson and threw her into her handy haversack to get her out of the way. She then took on her appearance and put on her clothing to await Lord Carson in bed. She seduced the lord once he returned and as he thrust his way into her, the poison she had coated herself with took affect, draining his stamina and causing his heart to slow. He paused for a minute as he felt himself grow weaker and weaker, but Archana’s honeyed words filled his mind and he forced himself to continue until finally the poison overwhelmed him and his heart gave in to death. Pushing the corpse off of her, Archana rose in triumph at the pleasurable assassination and positioned his body on the bed. She laid out various pieces of evidence to incriminate him and then laid out Lady Carson next to him, alive. She then left a magical glove with an interesting command that could be activated by saying “husband” or “pontificate” and then jumped out the window of the manor into the storm.



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