Black Sun

The Council of Korvosa and the Journey back to the City of Thieves

The adventurers had been apart for a year after Christian leapt through the portal to return to Faerun and save the plane from destruction. The energy pulse was felt throughout the room and then everything went quiet. The three decided to prepare themselves for what was to come while Archana was going through her training as a Red Mantis Assassin.
Leon spent his time traveling around Varisia and studying the higher planes where the beings of good made their homes. Among the traveling Varisian caravans, he became known as the “Golden Wanderer.” As he traveled to libraries and churches all over the area and learned more about his ancestry, his connection to the upper planes grew.
Narciso spent his time by traveling back to Darkmoon Vale, a strange feeling in his mind that he needed to be there. During his year among the forests of the vale, he fought against countless werewolves and helped others survive against the hate of others. One day, he was traveling with a group of dwarves and at night, the group was ambushed. This is when things became real and no longer monotony. The leader of the pack of evil lycanthropes was his own father, an archdruid back from Faerun, now corrupted and evil. His father made a gesture and two dire wolves leapt from the bushes and pinned Narciso to the ground. His father disposed of the last dwarf and then said hello to his son with a wicked smile before departing. Narciso struggled with the dire wolves all night before they finally lay dead and his exhaustion got the better of him. He passed out and woke up in a cell. Until the next full moon, he was locked up just in case he was infected. After being released, he made his way back to Riddleport.
Archana was taken by ship to the Isle of Mediogalti to begin her training with the Red Mantis Assassins. And that is as much as she is willing to share of her training.
As each member made their way back to Riddleport, they received an invitation from the Royal Council of Korvosa to come to Korvosa and discuss the tragedy of Riddleport. The message seemed urgent and they made their way to Korvosa first.
Leon was the first to arrive, and was presented with lodgings in the castle for his time in the city. He continued his research each day and learned a bit about the recent battles that took place within the city while he waited. narciso arrived three days later and found his way to Leon. Allowing himself to enjoy the finer side of life for a bit, the two spent their nights drinking wine and dining on fine cheeses as they discussed rumors of Riddleport and fell asleep each night listening to a rhythmic chant that lasted through the night. Archana arrived the night before the meeting by ship directly from the island. With an assassin’s grace, she slipped into the shadows and made her way to the palace, following side conversations from the cities populace to place where Leon and Narciso could be. She easily bypassed the guards and made her way into the castle and reached the room where Narciso and Leon were discussing the chanting that went on each night and theorizing what it could be. At the mention of chanting, Archana strained herself to hear it and sure enough, she could just make it out. As she focused on trying to understand what was being said, Leon walked out of the room and caught Archana in a bit of a shock for both of them. After the initial awkwardness ran it’s course, Leon invited Archana into the room to continue the discussion. After hellos were exchanged, the group decided to find the source of the chanting. Leon asked a guard the way to the catacombs. He was given directions and also learned that a recent surge of undead had risen so they had been sealed up after the initial chamber.
The party ventured down to the catacombs and opened the large iron doors to the lower levels. As they went through, they easily cleared away the undead prowling around, almost too easily they commented. After a few rooms, they came a room of broken corpses and blood encrusted statues. As Narciso navigated towards the statues, spectral clubs appeared and bashed him over the head, knocking him out. Archana went invisible and tested a theory of why the undead had been attacked. She tossed a body at one of the statues and both responded, smashing each other a bit. After deciding that there was no reason to risk their lives against the strange statues, the party moved on. They soon came to a circular room containing a massive pillar in the middle. A whole had been cut into the pillar and beyond, a spiral staircase led down. The chanting was coming from below. The party descended down the staircase for at least ten minutes before finally reaching the end. As their foot touched down into the next room, two skeletal iron dragons formed from bone piles in front of the next corridor. As soon as the party began moving towards them, they retreat to either side of the entryway and stood motionless, inviting the players into the next area. The long hallway was a straight passage that went for at least 100ft. The room after was huge. The ceiling of the chamber was covered by mosaics (mose-ee-acks) depicting a huge constellation of seven-pointed stars. In the middle of the room, a large, crystalline basin rested, filled with some red concoction. A figure stood in front of the basin chanting the cryptic ritual words over and over again. Her back to you, she stood completely naked, swaying back and forth as she completed the appropriate gestures for the ritual. “Blood is power. blood is life. Feed our queen. make her rise. Once it flowed through her veins. Let it do so again.” The substance in the basin roils and mimics her movements in liquid form as the ritual progresses.
Finishing the latest repeat of the incantation, she stills as does the liquid in the basin. “It’s nice to see some new faces down here finally. It gets so lonely. Hakak told me you had arrived in the city finally. Seems you are just as nosy as I had hoped you would be. This is good. I have need of you.”
She then turned toward you and began walking slowly, seductively towards Leon with the sweetest smile on her face. “I do have one tiny favor to ask before we get to business.” With those words, Leon and Archana became dominated by the figure, unable to stop looking into her golden eyes and wanting to do nothing else. Narciso felt the wave of compulsion as well, but was able to overcome the domination and keep his free will. As the alluring raven-haired woman approached, Narciso threw a firecracker to try and break her concentration. No one reacted to it and Narciso began coming up with some sort of plan to save his companions from whatever this creature was. As the woman went towards Leon, Archana’s want of this woman intensified due to being dominated and she walked towards her and placed her hand in-between the woman’s legs. The woman had a moment of hesitation on her face as Archana got in the way of her intended target, but then embraced Archana and sank her fangs deep into her neck, draining her of blood as Archana continued her sensual assault. Before Archana passed out, the woman stopped and used magic to stop the flowing blood and collect what remained of it into the basin, a smug smile on her face as a few thoughts went through her head. Archana felt faint and sat down as the woman moved away and towards Leon. As she approached Leon, Narciso did the same with his fist aimed at her. She dodged his fist and then grabbed him by the throat, lifting him into the air. With a look of annoyance, Narciso felt his body go numb and the inability to move. She then laid him on the ground slowly and moved onto Leon. Leon, still in his trance, did nothing but watch his comrades fall and wait for her to approach. When she was near enough, he embraced her and she did the same, her head resting on his shoulder momentarily and then her fangs deep in his neck the next. She moaned in pain as the angelic blood touched her lips, the divine energy of it interacting with the negative energy suffusing her, but continued draining Leon, almost unable to stop herself as the blood continued to flow. Narciso laid on the ground helpless, able to see what was happening, but unable to do anything about it. As Leon paled and almost lost consciousness, she finally stopped and performed the same spell to close the wound and then transport the excess blood to the crystal basin. Sated, she released Archana and Leon from the domination as she walked back to the basin to rest against it.
As soon as Leon regained his free will, he turned hostile and demanded to know what she had just done. The sound of metal on metal could be heard from down the hall as his temper rose. Letting go of her support, she stood and answered your question, showing no hostility toward you at all, but distracted all the same, almost dismissive even. She told you of how Korvosa was built upon the tomb of the Runelord of Lust, Soren. Runelord Soren was an elder vampire and had put herself into stasis in order to survive the impact that wiped out her civilization. This was her tomb and it was a huge, complex machine meant to bring her out of stasis when the time was right. The time was nearly right and she meant to have the runelord destroyed before she could fully awaken and regain her kingdom. She also wanted to be free of the runelord’s influence and the only way to do so was to have Runelord Soren destroyed. The party asked multiple questions about the ritual and why it needed to happen. This slightly frustrated her, but she answered the questions to the best of her ability, never actually having been in the tomb before it was sealed. All she had was blood memories of it’s construction. The party never asked how the woman had managed to become infected by a vampire that had been a few miles underground in stasis for the last thousand years, but they did learn that this woman, Raven, was part of the council that had summoned them. Seems that some of the council had ulterior motives in summoning the three. The three awkwardly said goodbye, unsure of how to proceed, and began to leave. Raven told them goodnight and went to the side of the room to collect her belongings to leave as well.
The next morning, the party awoke early and prepared for the meeting. The meeting went by rather quickly, each member introducing themselves in turn and then jumping right into business.

Garrick Tann: Magistrate of Commerce
Syl Gar: Magistrate of Expenditures
Lolia Perenne: Magistrate of Regulation
Lord Carson: Magistrate of Tourism
Zenobia Zenderholm: Magistrate of Justice
Content Not Found: hakak: Honorary member of Sable Company and Captain of the Guard
Raven: Raven did not give a title, bus she wore a strange crown made of bone that gave off a very evil aura. For some reason, Leon did not pay attention to this during the meeting and made no move to find out what it was.

The council informed the party of what sources say occurred in Riddleport. Apparently, several earthquakes shook the city and surrounding area and then a massive storm formed raining down blue fireballs and massive lightning strikes upon the town. Soon after the storm began, a fog rose from the ground and enveloped the city. As soon as the fog formed, all of the screams and sounds of the city went silent. Since then, no contact has been made with the city and officials are worried that some dark calamity has befallen it, killing millions. As the champions of Riddleport, the council tasked the party with uncovering what had happened and to save as many lives as possible if not the city itself. The council has offered 10,000g to each of you for ending the calamity and bringing the city back out of whatever disaster has befallen it.
The party then made their way to what used to be Riddleport, now only a blanket of fog. There they met Content Not Found: Caudus, one of the few cyphermages to not be in the city when events transpired. The party then came up with a plan to enter the city as safely as possible. Learning of mining passages for carbauxine under the city, the party chose this route. They found a passage close by and followed the mining tracts until they came to a collapsed part of the mine. They asked Caudus to clear the rubble and through the use of a few spells, he cleared it for them. The party then used a rope to keep in contact with each other, wished Caudus goodbye after asking for a water breathing spell, and then proceeded into the fog. After a few steps and being soaked in water at the edge of the fog, the water over top vanished and Narciso and Archana felt themselves being pulled by the rope. They each kept hold and the party found themselves to all be falling. The drop continued for a few minutes and then they plummeted into a deep body of water. As they started swimming back to the surface, a huge black shark with glowing blue veins appeared and attacked. The party tore the shark to pieces, hampering it’s movement severely as they fought and defeated it. It was not without a cost though, for the blue glow throughout the shark’s body was a potent disease that infected Leon and Archana with a glowing blue flame that spread through their blood slowly, killing them from the inside. Narciso was immune to the strange disease. After reaching the coast and finding the broken docks of the fallen city, Leon tried to identify what had infected him and Archana. It was determined that it was raw mana manifesting itself through their blood. They then were introduced to what happens to those who fall to the raw mana as about twenty Flensed had surrounded them, drawn by their life force. The party defeated the husks after a long battle and through the use of this newfound raw mana. During the battle, a woman with glowing blue runes ran by the battle, being chased by more of the Flensed, and burst into flames, rising as one of them before shambling over to join in the assault on the party. Finally getting a chance to sit, they set up camp and surveyed what had become of Riddleport.



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