Briar Rose


Dark glyphs seem to slither under the golden skin of this slender woman, constantly shifting and reforming with a life of their own. Her hair is a multitude of colors and reaches her ankles, swaying slightly as she walks. Her eyes are a deep purple with specks of other colors, and strange, dark lines crisscross within them, moving on occasion. Small horns jut from her forehead and a long, barbed tail extends behind her.

Black lightning plays upon her fingertips at times and occasionally a few glyphs playing across her skin flare a radiant blue, a glimpse of black wings silhouetted in the light.

When threatened, occasionally, a black whip with numerous thorns appears from nowhere and she wields it with great proficiency, shredding anything it wraps around with deadly speed. A black poison seeps from the thorns of the whip and a shadow-trail follows the whip’s movements.


After being defeated within the arena, Briar Rose’s shadow coalesced around her fallen body and brought her back to life as what could only be deemed a “Darkflame Angel.” Absolute darkness outlined her body and the runes on her flesh began flowing as a blue flame. Wings of darkness extended with at least an 8ft wingspan and her body floated a few feet off the ground when not moving. Two orbs of blue flame gazed out of her eye sockets. Above her horns, a halo composed entirely of blue flames hovered. Despite the light of the flames, her body was hard to see and appeared to waver in place, as if it wasn’t quite all there. Around her, actual light seemed to dim and warp, being drawn into her being.

After being slain by the Spellplague Prophet, Briar Rose was revived through the actions of Archana, Leon, and Anlu using the powers of the Vine Wraith seed, planting the seed where her heart used to be. The seed grew within her, effectively becoming a new heart as well as a close companion to the young girl. What powers she has gained are yet to be seen.

Briar Rose’s appearance is both unsettling and mesmerizing. Her skin is covered in flowing demonic script that appears to actually be part of her body and various sections glow an eerie blue as if on command. Long pointy ears, much like an elf’s, taper to a point on the sides of her head and small horns jut from her forehead. Large eyes with violet irises are somehow one of the most normal aspects of her appearance and provide a clue as to whose child she could be. During the arena battle, demonic wings almost larger than her are revealed.

After her revival, the dark roots of the vine wraith growing within her are visible amid her iris and her veins closest to the skin are darker than before the transformation.

Briar Rose

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