Garrick Tann

Magistrate of Commerce


Garrick is a tall, thin, pale Chelexian man with dark, almost villainous features. He dresses in dark, fashionable clothing and is rarely seen without his tricorne hat.


Garrick Tann is the Magistrate of Commerce for the Varisian city of Korvosa, and therefore its chief tax collector. This endears him to no one, even though Garrick is not responsible for setting the tax rate, only enforcing it. Since the formation of the Royal Council of Korvosa, Garrick has been a key figure in keeping order and coming up with the needed projects to bring the city to a new glory.

Although he is one of the most hated men in Korvosa, he is also one of the most caring. He resides in one of the guest rooms of the palace and works closely with the military and Lolia Perenneto prevent guild formation while keeping wages high enough to support those making them.

Garrick Tann

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