Lord Carson


A young nobleman of Cheliax descent, Lord Carson (first name Luke) is often seen around town doing whatever he pleases. He appears in his mid twenties and dresses in finery wherever he goes, usually with at least one young woman accompanying him and conversing with him.

Despite his adulterous behavior, his wife (Melyia Carson) doesn’t seem to mind and rumors abound of the wife having multiple sexual partners as well. Since the adventurers arrived in town, rumors have grown concerning the various illegal activities of the two and Zenobia Zenderholm has been very keen on these rumors.

With the protection of House Arkona due to marriage and the growing power of House Carson, Lord Carson has little to fear. The people love him and so far his ideas have been supported by the people despite the misuse of his power over them.

The Lord was found slain in his home with massive amounts of illegal drugs and strange and exotic deadly substances. Official words says that a group of adventurers are the culprits behind this heinous crime and laid the evidence to frame him and destroy his credibility. Rumor on the street says that it was his wife (now missing) that was the one to kill him after the two got into a huge fight the night of the massive lightning storm and she killed him after he beat her, the final straw crossed. With her rumored training as a red mantis assassin, this is certainly feasible. She is also a wanted criminal along with the adventurers.


A recent addition and youngest of the council, Lord Carson has risen in power and popularity almost overnight. Elected by an almost unanimous vote vote to Magistrate of Tourism after Mercer Cucuteni (former) went missing, he has spent much of the treasury on debauchery and drugs. His noble family has been able to return money back to the royal coffers, but they are starting to run dry and weary of his strange rise to power.

Whispers of a deal with a terrible fiend are very prevalent among the Korvosa populace and many cite his close affiliations with Cheliax against him. The Royal Council of Korvosa seems to allow him to remain, unable to go against the vote of the people and unsure of what exactly to do with him yet. Zenobia Zenderholm however, eyes the man with distrust and some say even hate and is always listening for rumors of any of his illegal activity.

Despite his uncaring and arrogant nature, the people of Korvosa seem to love him when he is around them and woman flock to him whenever he asks them to, leaving even their husbands to spend time with him. The husbands strangely don’t seem to mind, saying that the worse that could happen would to have a child with ties to nobility. The only ones not affected by Lord Carson’s influence in Korvosa are the Royal Council of Korvosa themselves and a handful of strong-willed individuals.

Lord Carson

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