Raven, Lich-Lord of the Crimson Tide


This tall, dark-haired siren is as beautiful as she is deadly. Her black hair extends to her lower back and ends in red tips the color of blood. Her eyes are are a bluish-green with a luminescence to them that seems to draw your gaze and holds you in place. Her lithe body is covered in only wisps of shadow-stuff formed into a tight-fitting dress. The Crown of Fangs, a legendary artifact rests upon her head, taken from the corpse of the tyrant queen. Through various arcane and divine rituals, she has bound the lingering spirit of Kazavon within it to a gem that she then had sent to Cheliax with the dead queen’s body.

Her seductive charm and nocturnal nature lead many to believe at first that she was a vampire, but she has made multiple appearances during the day as a member of the council and has done much to begin reconstruction of the city, gaining her much respect. Many that meet her seem to almost instantly fall under her charms. She funds many projects going on throughout the city and is also involved in clearing out the catacombs underneath the city, donating the treasure kept there to the city restoration fund.

Out of the council, she seems to have the most control, even sitting on the Crimson Throne at points to decide on issues. She has not brought up any idea of being the next monarch though and seems more interested in exploring the secret catacombs underneath the city, sometimes even by herself.


Raven was a member of the group that came to Korvosa and took down the Tyrant Queen with the assistance of the Sable Company. In the midst of the confusion after the queen’s death, she vanished with the Crown of Fangs into the catacombs of the Castle. It was here that she found the tomb of the Runelord of Lust, Runelord Soren and was changed forever. She spent three months deciphering the scriptures surrounding the tomb and learned much about what exactly this tomb was. A silver basin was all that occupied the massive room that served as the entryway into the tomb, a basin full of blood. The entrance to the actual tomb was sealed by two massive runic doors sealed and bound by magic. After spending weeks and through various divination rituals, she found the blood to be that of the elder vampire buried at the bottom of the tomb, Runelord Soren herself. Using the Essence of Urgathoa she was given during her stay with high-ranking members of Urgathoa, she spent the rest of the three months perfecting a ritual to create an elixir of undeath unlike any other with the help of an unknown guardian. After countless days of chanting and performing the ritual, nearing death from starvation and dehydration, Raven was able to combine the two sources of undeath and infuse herself, replacing her blood with the foul elixir, to create the first of her kind, a vampiric lich. With such power at her fingertips now, she found herself easily able to overpower the residual soul of Kazavon within the crown of fangs, removing him completely from the crown and putting him into a soul gem. Donning the Crown of Fangs, she felt another rush of power from the ancient artifact. Her ultimate goal accomplished, now she just had a few loose ends to tie up, one being the death of Runelord Soren, inadvertently her master now.
Raven reunited with Hakak soon after her transformation and together they formed the Royal Council of Korvosa to start getting Korvosa back on track after it was nearly wiped out by the Tyrant Queen. When disaster struck in Riddleport, the other members of the council informed her that the Champions of the city were traveling throughout the world and had not been in the city at the time. The council agreed to send summons to these champions and request their help to regain one of their greatest trading partners.
When Raven learned that the “Golden Wanderer” was one of the champions of Riddleport, she became overly excited that he would be coming to the city soon.

Raven, Lich-Lord of the Crimson Tide

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