Syl Gar

Magistrate of Expenditures


Syl is a muscularly built man born and raised in Korvosa. His hair has only recently started to turn silver as he approaches his late forties, but it has only given him more distinction. He always has a jovial personality in public. During council meeting however, his voice is one of the loudest and most well heard outside the chamber


Syl Gar is the Magistrate of Expenditures for the Varisian city of Korvosa. As such he is responsible for spending levied taxes on the city’s behalf, primarily in the upkeep of city buildings such as Seawatch Tower and Castle Korvosa, and in paying its employees, such as the Sable Company and the Korvosan Guard. Because his appearance often announces new contracts and payments, he is greatly loved among the merchants of the city.

Syl Gar

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